Company Activities and Licensing in Dubai, UAE

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An activity is the arena of doing business, it is trading of some product or service. Every authority has a list of activities allowed. Based on the activity type the license is classified into different type in different authority.

Limitation of Company Activities

  • Tobacco trading, Alcohol trading
  • Oil & gas trading
  • Manpower supply
  • Interior designer ,Auditing (Should have education certificate)

Approvals Required for Company Activities

  • Municipal approval for e.g. restaurant, foodstuff supply, healthcare centres
  • All activities related to education, training and knowledge require permit from Knowledge and Human Development Authority
  • All activities related to medical require permit Dubai Health Authority (DHA).
  • All activities related to telecom require approval from Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).


In UAE Business License is mandatory to do any business. The type of license depends on the activity or type of business you choose. Each license has a limit of activities you can conduct. The number of activities permitted in “one” license, differs from one authority to another. Licensed must be renewed every year.

Types of License

  • Commercial trading License
  • Professional or Consultancy or Service License
  • Industrial / Manufacturing License
  • General Trading License