The risk of fraud is present in almost every business regardless of size, shape, and complexity and could be perpetrated by an employee, a vendor, a client, or even a member of the Board. Fraud scenarios could be quite varied and concealed by complex and sophisticated strategies. While fraud is often “detrimental” with employees, vendors, or clients bleeding assets, it can also be “beneficial” when executives artificially inflate company’s financial statements.

It is critically important that corporate Fraud Risk Management strategies keep pace with the evolving and increasing fraud risk.

Through our services, we help our clients raise the sophistication of their audit procedures, allowing them to prevent, detect, and deter fraud. We provide thorough analysis of Firm controls, processes, and procedures in uncovering a suspected fraud which includes the following:

  • Corporate irregularities
  • Whistleblower allegations
  • Asset misappropriation
  • Regulatory violations
  • Improper business relationships
  • Financial Reporting fraud
  • Suspicious transactions
  • Bribery and corruption