In the midst of dynamic market conditions, we are keen on attaining organizational benefits and adding value to the stakeholders by offering international professional services in line with internationally accepted accounting standards and methodologies.

The firm’s audit approach is based on understanding the client, including the industry in which they operate, its organizational structure and its internal control processes.

Accordingly, the KGRN audit process does not consist solely of verifying data in the financial statements with supporting documentation. It also includes analyzing the client’s business risks in its business environment. Our talented audit teams examine the objectives of the business and its strategy, and analyzes its business processes, their inherent risks and related internal controls.

We add value by focusing client’s attention on risk points and highlighting leading practice ideas for improving controls. Our audit teams specialize in the sectors in which the clients operate. Our methodology is based on industry-focused services. Accordingly, audit team have diverse industry focuses. This enables the firm to provide quality professional services, while ensuring uniformity and consistency. Our complete compliance with the local governing laws certifies its accuracy and credibility.

Our services includes:

  • Financial statements audit
  • Financial reporting
  • Free Zone entities audit
  • RERA audits