VAT Registration Open now in UAE.

The registrants are required to provide the following information at the time of registration:

1) Trade License copy.

2) Copy of Certificate of Incorporation.

3) Articles of Association/ Partnership Agreement or any other document showing ownership information about the business.

4) Details of Company Manager//Director.

5) Copies of Passport and Emirates ID of the Company Manager/Director.

6) Details of address of Physical office Location of the Business

7) Contact No of the company/ Companies (in case of group Registrations).

8) Bank Details of the company – Bank Statements.

9) Information about other businesses of the directors and partners in UAE in last five years

10) Declaration about :

  • Business activities
  • GCC activities – Emirate wise sales.
  • Turnover in last 12 months with supporting documents. (Sales Ledgers)
  • Details about expected turnover in next 30 days – (Projected Sales)
  • Details about expected exempt Goods /supplies – If any.
  • Imports and Exports – Details of the same with the Mandatory Required documents.
  • Details about Customs registration information -if Any

11) There is no fee prescribed for the VAT registration and all the documents are required to be uploaded on the website.

FTA Update on Registrations.

All Businesses with a turnover exceeding AED 150Mn – Last Date to apply – 31st Oct 2017.

All Businesses with a turnover exceeding AED 10Mn – Last Date to apply – 30th Nov 2017. Rest business before 31st Dec 2017.

Note from the FTA that it’s better to apply other business lower than the turnover mentioned above before 4th Dec 2017 to avoid the unnecessary rush for the registration and avoid penalty.

* Turnover for the last year.
** Or the turnover will reach the above limit within next 30days.